Do You Drink Coffee In The Morning On An Empty Stomach? Read This Article

Many of us start the day with a Nescafe! It feels a right and energetic start of a day. And indeed, coffee has many benefits for our body. But drinking coffee on an empty stomach has its own adverse effects.

When you drink black coffee in the morning on an empty stomach then body releases the hydrochloric acid in the digestive tract. This can lead to gastritis problems in the morning itself.

The hydrochloric acid when spread in your digestive tract, it acts as a violation of food. Thus, after having a cup of coffee if you go ahead to have a ‘heavy’ breakfast then it becomes difficult for the stomach to digest the food….Readmore


Ignore Lemon Water There’s A New Breakthrough For Slimming Down

Eliminating body fat accumulated within the belly as well as waist may be the most challenging tasks. Right now, when we understand how to detox our own metabolism, we are able to understand the proper way to get rid of this type of body fat. The effective drink in order to accelerate the actual metabolism, that we will show you how to prepare, will allow you to slim down and detox your entire system.

Let’s observe how to make this fabulous beverage to speed up metabolism and slim down…..Readmore

10 Minutes Awesome Remedy To Have A Glowing, Wrinkle Free, Spotless Skin In 30 Days

Fighting wrinkles doesn’t have to be just a daytime job. You can fight wrinkles all night long by adding an overnight face mask to your beauty routine . Overnight face masks contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that promote collagen growth and fight free radicals. These face masks also keep skin hydrated, heal existing wrinkles, and prevent the formation of fine lines.

To help you treat wrinkles while you sleep, we’ve compiled the seven best overnight face mask recipes.

The combination of sandalwood and rosewater treats wrinkles by minimizing pores, tightening skin, and repairing cell damage. Here’s how to get the benefits of both in one easy-to-make overnight face mask….Readmore

Cut 1 Lemon In 4 Parts Put Some Salt On It And Put It In The Middle Of The Kitchen! This Trick Will Change Your Life Forever

The health benefits of lemon are quite known to all of us. We often use the combination of lemon and honey to treat a cough or as a skin care product.

It is one of the healthiest fruits and the citrus flavor of lemon enhances the taste of food and drinks.

A lot of nutritionists now agree that consumption of lemon helps to provide healthy skin and hair. Also, it helps to strengthen the heart.

It is commonly used to treat infection caused due to the virus, germs, and bacteria.

Apart from these health benefits, are you aware that lemon can be used to eliminate bad odors in the kitchen? Yes, this use of lemon aroma is really helpful to maintain a blissful environment in the kitchen…..Readmore

Keep Your Teeth Strong And White: Natural Recipe Of Tibetan Monks

You must be interested to know the ancient remedy which is coming from Tibetan land. It was followed by the oldest medical systems.

It was a part of their culture which was quite progressive and stable.

The popular book on the medical legacy of Tibetan is  a book of four tantras (rGyud-bZhi). This book conveys many medical systems and remedy which we should follow to remain healthy.

It is being observed by many people that Tibetan monks have healthy, white, teeth to old age. Well, they have a little secret behind the maintained of the teeth….Readmore

Clean The Ovary Cysts With The Best Recipe. Reduce Bloating, Lower Abdominal And Lower Back Pain

An ovarian cyst is a sac full of fluid that develops on a woman’s ovary. Most of the women will develop at least one cyst on their ovaries during their life.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the percentage of these cysts is highest at pre-menopause women, while 14.8% of women experience them after the menopause.

In most cases, these cysts are benign by nature and are not considered as dangerous. However, there are pathological cysts which are very dangerous and can even cause cancer….Readmore

Warm Water VS. Cold Water – Which Damages The Health

We all like coffee after waking up or cold water for drinking. But to get most benefits of water, know if you need it warm or cold.

Many studies said warm water before breakfast is healthy and the best way to start the day.

Warm water removes throat swelling, and pain relief. It soothes irritation and dryness in throat. This is good for those days when you wake up with dry throat and cannot swallow. Sip warm water and soothe cramps in belly too….Readmore