This Diet Was the Only Way To Manage Diabetes Before The Discovery Of Insulin

Before insulin was discovered back in 1921, people relied on this diet to manage their diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that affects more than 415 million people around the world, records claim. It is a disease that makes it difficult to control the blood sugar level.

Furthermore, it can cause various complication that can affect the body. People back in the 1900s had to have a way to manage the condition. They did it by following a low-carb diet. Therefore, we will focus on the type of meal they consumed and why it proved useful….Readmore


А Herb That Can Eliminate Diabetes and Control Blood Sugar Has Been Found

A hope has been found for the ones with obesity and diabetes at the recent studies made at the Rutgers University. The studies were made on a herbal blend with Salacia extract.

This Salacia extract has been found to reduce stress eating and over-eating, reduce the overall appetite, control the blood sugar levels and even eliminate diabetes….Readmore

Drink That Can Help Prevent Prediabetes From Progressing Into Diabetes

Being diagnosed with diabetes means being extra careful what you eat. If you have a sweet tooth, that could be even harder. It’s the same thing with prediabetes.

These people are on the verge of developing diabetes, and they need to make certain lifestyle changes to prevent prediabetes from progressing to diabetes.

Overall, diet plays an important part in one’s diabetes and prediabetes management. Of course, other things affect your blood glucose control as well, such as physical activity, medications, stress management, etc….Readmore

How to Make Nettle Leaf Tea To Help Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Urtica dioica commonly known as stinging nettle is a perennial flowering plant.

This plant is native to northern Africa, most of the United States, Asia, Europe and Canada. This plant usually appears in groves and bunches in the same places every year. But this is no ordinary plant. In fact, the leaves of the nettle are powerful herbal medicine.

These leaves are abundant in chlorophyll and minerals like calcium, iron, chromium, cobalt, zinc, silicon, copper and magnesium. Also, nettles are abundant in certain vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin D…..Readmore

The Diet That Starves Cancer And Reverses Diabetes

Contrary to popular belief, no or low fat diet isn’t that good for you.  Recently, some conventional cardiologists have stated that one needs healthy fats in order to maintain good cardiovascular health.

They have negated the myth of cholesterol as the major cause of clogged arteries and heart attacks.  They also warned about the dangers associated with statin drugs, drugs used to lower cholesterol levels in the body.  The truth is that brain and nervous system tissue require cholesterol and similar fats to rebuild and maintain proper function.  It is worth mentioning that studies found higher rate of dementia, including Alzheimer` s, in statin users….Readmore

Eat These Potassium-Rich Foods To Prevent Heart And Kidney Problems

Heart problems and kidney failure are a common life-threatening complication for people with diabetes. According to a study published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, potassium may be the key to solving these problems.

People with type 2 diabetes have an increased risk of developing heart problems and kidney failure. As a result, scientists decided to determine whether the excessive consumption of potassium and sodium had something to do with these health issues….Readmore

Diabetes: The Rice You Eat Is Worse Than Sugary Drinks

In a recent research a shocking new has come up regarding the diabetic patient. The research work claimed that rice is the most dangerous ingredient for the diabetic patient.

It is even worsted that the sugary drink and damages your body at high extent.

It is a common suggestion from physicians and researchers to the diabetic patient that they should cut off the sugary drinks from the diet. The sugary drinks are considered as the prime source of obesity and other health diseases.

Also, as compared to Caucasians, the Asians are more predisposed so they do not have to be obese to be at the high risk of health issues….Readmore