Do You Know The 20 Deadly Cancer Signs? (#19 Will Shock You)

When you’re in doubt about something related to your health, your best bet is to pop down to the doctor. They’re the experts when it comes to diagnosing health problems, and you’ll usually walk out with at least some idea of what’s ailing you.

But there’s definitely something to be said for learning to recognize basic warning signs yourself. For starters, a little self-diagnosis saves you having to truck into the doctor’s office every other week. For seconds, knowing how to read the health signs may actually save your life one day….Readmore


Eat 3 Portions Of This Per Week To Keep Breast Cancer Away

By now, most of us know that omega-3 fatty acids are good for our health, but recent research suggests that high-quality omega-3s can ward off breast cancer. In fact, three servings of omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish each week may be eight times more effective at halting aggressive breast cancer than plant-based alternatives.

Both fish-based and plant-based omega-3s combat breast cancer

In a study from the University of Guelph in Ontario and McGill University in Montreal, published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, scientists found that EPA and DHA are the best omega-3 fatty acids for combatting one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer, HER2-positive breast cancer….Readmore

Studies Reveal That This Common Juice Increase The Risk Of Skin Cancer

Recently, a study published by The Journal Of Clinical Oncology about the groups of people who have a higher risk of developing melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, revealed a shocking discovery.

They find out that the most common breakfast beverage can increase the risk of melanoma.

When it comes to breakfast, grapefruit and orange juices are the most common choices in the morning. Many people can’t start their day without taking a sip of one of these beverages. They are delicious and also offer many health benefits. However, the latest study revealed that consuming these drinks in high amounts can increase the risk of melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer…..Readmore

А Herb That Can Eliminate Diabetes and Control Blood Sugar Has Been Found

A hope has been found for the ones with obesity and diabetes at the recent studies made at the Rutgers University. The studies were made on a herbal blend with Salacia extract.

This Salacia extract has been found to reduce stress eating and over-eating, reduce the overall appetite, control the blood sugar levels and even eliminate diabetes….Readmore

15 Unexpected Beauty Hacks You Wish Someone Showed You Sooner

Smooth and young-looking skin, fuller eye brows, thicker lashes, and simply and painful hair removal are some of the things that every woman wishes for.  But, the conventional products often cost a little fortune and contain a wide plethora of synthetic chemicals which get absorbed into the bloodstream and lead to various health problems.

The good news is that there are some natural alternatives available, which save both money and time. Check them out!

15 Natural Beauty Hacks…Readmore

The Diet That Starves Cancer And Reverses Diabetes

Contrary to popular belief, no or low fat diet isn’t that good for you.  Recently, some conventional cardiologists have stated that one needs healthy fats in order to maintain good cardiovascular health.

They have negated the myth of cholesterol as the major cause of clogged arteries and heart attacks.  They also warned about the dangers associated with statin drugs, drugs used to lower cholesterol levels in the body.  The truth is that brain and nervous system tissue require cholesterol and similar fats to rebuild and maintain proper function.  It is worth mentioning that studies found higher rate of dementia, including Alzheimer` s, in statin users….Readmore

They Said That This Fruit Was 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemo. Here is What They Didn’t Tell You

Health benefits of Graviola is a trending due to its numerous medical properties. The health benefits of Graviola are very amazing in terms of its effect on prevention of cancer. It is a very effective tool to reduce the cancer development in our body.

Amazon River basin in South America is well known for Graviola tree. It is a 15-30 feet tall tree which is a full package of nutrition essential for human body. The tree provides a delicious fruit which looks a like a melon and has custard-like texture. The leaves and bark of the tree have best health benefits. Thus, the bark and leaves of Graviola tree are widely used for healing the ailments such as liver issues, parasites problems, and arthritis….Readmore