Broccoli Leaves And Stalk Are Healthier Than The Actual Broccoli Flower

Broccoli always wins the crown of the healthiest vegetable. We often get a suggestion of eating broccoli as a salad to remain healthy. But it is always confusing that which part of broccoli vegetable we should actually consume. Like what are the edible parts of this vegetable and what are their benefits.

Find out more on what to eat and what benefits you get from a broccoli vegetable.
Broccoli flower is popular as a healthy food. It is a rich source of antioxidant along with vitamin A, E and C. Also, you get ample amount of magnesium and calcium from the broccoli flower….Readmore


The Truth About Colds And Flus That Most Doctors Won’t Tell You

The next time you experience a cold or the flu, remember this: rather than take conventional drugs to suppress uncomfortable symptoms, it’s better for your health to allow the cold or flu to run its course while you get plenty of physical and emotional rest.

Conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry would have you believe that there is no “cure” for the common cold, that you should protect yourself against the flu with a vaccine that is laden with toxic chemicals, and that during the midst of a cold or flu, it is favorable to ease your discomfort with a variety of medications that can suppress your symptoms….Readmore

Find Out Why Oregano is The Most Powerful Herb, You Should Never Miss More In Your Diet

Oregano is a shrub with evergreen leaves and leaves are used as much as flowers, which is where its characteristic aroma is concentrated.

It can be grown almost anywhere, even in pots and prefers warm, dry and sunny weather. The oregano of the Mediterranean has a perfect climate and that is where this herb comes from with the highest concentration of essential oil, which you could have imagined.

Commonly we use it to enhance the taste of foods without knowing that this herb has wonderful healing and medicinal properties. While we usually consume it dry, fresh keeps its properties and characteristics better….Readmore

If You Have Thin Brittle Nails, Hair Loss or Insomnia, Start Consuming These

Modern lifestyles are all fast-paced, with tight timetables and schedules, high amounts of stress, sleep deprivation, and tons of daily obligations.

This leaves no or little time and space for us to take a proper care of our health, so we became vulnerable to numerous diseases and health issues.

The first thing the body does when the health is endangered is sending early signs and symptoms which indicate that you should do something to prevent further complications. These signs include insomnia, hair loss, thin and brittle nails, dry skin, frequent headaches, fatigue, etc…..Readmore

This Is What Happens To Your Brain, Heart, And Waistline When You Eat 3 Bananas A Day

British and Italian researchers claim that eating one banana in the morning, afternoon, and evening, supplies your body with sufficient potassium amounts and thus, lowers the risk of blood clots in the brain by 21%.

Namely, a 2011 report published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology indicated that stroke can be prevented or the chances for it can be reduced thanks to the potassium present in certain foods such as fish, lentils, and spinach.Alsoe, scientists found out that daily intake of 1600 mg of potassium helps decrease the chances for stroke. One average-sized banana contains 500 mg of potassium; so, three per day will successfully decrease high blood pressure and maintain proper brain and nerve function….Readmore

10 Benefits and Uses Of These Fruits – Indian Gooseberries

Indian gooseberries grow from the Indian gooseberry plants. They produce a round, greenish-yellow fruit with vertical stripes. Indian gooseberries are native to southeast Asia and have a bitter and sour taste. They give us many health benefits. Indian gooseberry benefits our body by controlling blood sugar levels, promoting liver health, decreasing inflammation etc….Readmore

Increase Weight Loss And Lower Cortisol Levels With These 5 Steps

We all know how difficult losing weight and lowering cortisol levels can be. It can be very frustrating as well, especially in situations when we are doing everything right but the scale just won’t budge. If you’re controlling your portions, eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and you still aren’t seeing results, there might be hidden or underlying reason.

Cortisol or stress hormone, is a steroid hormone that is made in the adrenal glands. It helps regulate metabolism, control blood sugar levels and help reduce inflammation. It has a direct link to our body’s stress response and it’s pretty important when we talk about losing weight….Readmore