Important Signs Of Breast Cancer You May Not Know About

You know to look for lumps, but health experts say you should watch out for these symptoms too.

When it comes to breast cancer, we ladies know that we have to be ever vigilant about the presence of lumps in and around our breast tissue. But a lump is not the only symptom of the disease.

While lumps should be at the top of the list of things you are checking for, many of the signs of breast cancer are more subtle and can mimic the symptoms of other conditions. That’s why it’s important to check in with your doctor for annual checkups and keep a close eye out in between visits for any changes….Readmore


The Common Mineral Deficiency That Causes Breast Cancer (Eat These foods to reverse it)

It is easy to tell which the most common form of cancer in American women is. Its breast cancer and it causes the death of a staggering 40,000 American women every year. In fact, one out of every 8 women in the country get diagnosed with it.

Wouldn’t you be surprised if you learn about a mineral that can help in significantly reducing your risk of developing breast cancer? All you have to do is to ensure that you are getting enough of it.,…Readmore

Aluminum In Deodorants Can Cause Breast Cancer – Use Lemon To Eliminate The Body Odor

Sweating is quite normal and natural process that protects the body of overheating. During physical activity, the excess energy perspires through particles of sweat that contribute to the cooling of the body.

Human body has huge number of sweat glands, but many people experience inconvenience with the armpits sweating.  The most active sweating glands are at the armpits, and they very often sweating. This sweat is enriched with fatty acids and proteins that leave their remains on the clothes…..Readmore


Vaseline Can Cause Breast Cancer. Here Is How To Make Homemade All Natural Non-Petroleum Jelly

We all know Vaseline to be made from petroleum jelly. What does that mean? It means that it is a byproduct that is released in the oil industry. And you don’t want to be using any petroleum products because they can cause harm to your health.

Petroleum jelly is capable of creating a seal or coating over your skin. It will thus prevent or interfere with your body’s capacity for removing toxins from the pores.

According to latest studies, published on Chemtox site, petroleum ingredients are toxic and have hazardous side effects….Readmore

How to Prevent Breast Cancer Through An Armpit Detox

Detoxifying your armpits is a highly effective way to cleanse your body off toxins. It is also a good method for preventing cancer.

Breast cancer grows in the form of hormone-dependent cancers. Its growth will depend on estrogen levels.

If you belong to the group of people who are regular users of deodorants, the following points will inspire you to move onto something natural.

If you want your body to continue functioning in a healthy way, it is important to have proper perspiration. When you use antiperspirants, they cause blockage of the pores in your underarm. This will block the lymphatic system and there is good chance of lymph nodes occurrence….Readmore

We Drink It Daily But Don’t Know That It Causes Breast Cancer

We are surrounded with a lot of dangerous diseases which are ready to grab us. The list of life taking disease is increasing day by day and thus a scary environment is created. Cancer is one of such disease which comes with a shadow of death with it.

Scientists and different specialists in the wellbeing business never stop their endeavor in finding more viable routes for growth treatment. Be that as it may, however, the cure will be an incredible help for a patient with growth, an ideal approach to manage tumor is to abstain from having one in any case….Readmore

A Natural Way To Avoid Having Saggy Breasts

The ageing process has an adverse effect on the skin. It loses the elasticity and you can see the result in terms of sagging breasts.

Many women tend to lose their self-confidence about their appearance due to the saggy breast.

Apart from ageing process there are several other factors which make the breast lose the firmness. This includes rapid weight loss or gain, unsuitable bras, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, unhealthy diet, menopause and pregnancy.

The weight gain part of the pregnancy is responsible for the saggy breast whereas the breastfeeding has no impact on it….Readmore