Five Reasons to Drink Alkaline Water

The acid-base balance (also called the pH balance) of the body is incredibly important and in acute cases, an imbalance can even be a cause for a medical emergency. However, much of the damage it does is in the long-term, contributing to heart disease, cancer, poor circulation and poor digestion, just to name a few of the unfortunate side-effects. Keeping to an alkaline diet and drinking alkaline water (with a high mineral content) should be able to help prevent that and keep your body’s pH balance where it needs to be.

Promotes Heart Health
Acidity is one of the leading underlying causes of cardiovascular disease. How? First, a low pH can destroy the good fats in the arteries that help reduce arterial inflammation. This inflammation, and not just the build-up of plaque, is one of the reasons why arteries become blocked in the first place….Readmore