4 Effective Ways to Remove Tonsil Stones Without Surgery

It’s easy for a person to feel a little weird when they notice they have little white nuggets lodged in their tonsils. The official name for these little white nuggets is tonsil stones, and many people who have them don’t even know they have them.

What Causes Them?
Tonsil stones develop when mucus, bacteria, dead skin cells, and leftover food particles build up inside the tonsil crypts (the pockets of the tonsils). These tonsil stones often have a white to yellowish color, and have a soft and squishy texture.

When they develop these stones can cause various oral health issues such as chronic bad breath due to the anaerobic bacteria that causes them. A lot of people who have tonsil stones will also feel as if there is something stuck in the middle of their throat. As you can imagine this can leave your throat irritated, make it difficult to swallow food, and even cause breathing problems…..Readmore