4 Tricks For Reducing High Pressure Naturally

What makes hypertension? Sadly, this is complex and has many reasons.

This is made by age, stress, weight, sedentary life, bad diet, smoking, toxins, thyroid issues, genes and more. Those that have this have many mixed factors and is hard to pin one cause. The key to have in mind is that pressure is a silent killer and can progress with no signs.

You have to do pressure tests once in a while. Pressure is how we measure the blood force exerted in blood vessels. Healthy pressure is 120 systolic and 80 diastolic. The first is a heart beat and the second is pressure at resting heart.

Since many causes affect this, there is a chance of many illnesses if this is untreated. Pressure increases resistance to blood flow in vessels, makes the heart work fast, makes heart failure, stroke and more. Also hardened arteries and this becomes a vicious cycle…..Readmore