10 Alkaline Herbs That Eliminate Inflammation and Pain from Your Body

You shouldn’t ignore inflammation. Researchers have linked it to numerous chronic diseases including cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. The good thing is you can fight inflammation and pain by eating anti-inflammatory foods.

The herbs below are also alkaline, which means they will reduce acidity in the body.

1. Soursop: Soursop has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can benefit people with joint pain, arthritis and gout. This fruit also has anti-cancer properties and its leaves can parasitic infections, hypertension and stomach ailments

2. Tila tea: This tea can be helpful to people who suffer frequent headaches. Drinking it can also reduce pain caused by arthritis, gout, and other inflammatory conditions. It’s worth noting that tila tea reduces blood pressure and reduces swelling caused by arthritis…..Readmore