Keep the Body Safe and Healthy by Using This

The plant named Moringa oleifera grows in Asia and is used as medicine. Also it is called drumstick and has many antioxidants. The benefits here are confirmed by science but yet more has to be studied. It has vitamins and minerals and has more in the pods. 1 cup pods has 15% RDA vitamin C, 19% RDA vitamin B, vitamin A with 9%, 11% vitamin B2, protein 2 g, iron 11%, magnesium 8%. In the West leaves are used as supplement but you can grow this at home too.

Better bones
This makes more bone density. Rich in iron and calcium, it stops bone loss and makes bones stronger. Give it to teenagers for more stamina

Rich in antioxidants, fights free radicals and stops cancer. It has chlorogenic acid and quercetin for fighting free radicals. Also stops tumors to grow more….Readmore