Houseleek And Honey: Natural Remedies For Healing Of Many Health Issues As Well As Ovarian Cysts And Myoma

Houseleek extract and Honey are very useful for treatment of many ailments as well as Ovarian Cysts and Myoma.

Myoma is generally a benign growth on the smooth muscular wall of the uterus. A uterine myoma (also called myomauteri) leads to a solid tumor that is made of fibrous mass, hence it is also called ‘fibroid’ tumor.

Amongst the many natural remedies that have become common in an attempt to rid of these tumors and cysts in a natural way, Houseleek and Honey are used most extensively as they have a very positive effect on the treatment.

Houseleek is called “Semprevivum tectorum” in its original Latin form, which means “ever-living”; thus suggesting that Houseleek is indestructible, irrespective of the surround conditions or the environment. It is widely believed that the houseleek transfers its vast healing energy to the house where it grows and effects healing manifold….Readmore