Silence The Ear Ringing With 5 Science Proven Remedies

Have you ever sat in a silent room and heard some ringing in your ears? For some, this is not so faint and for some it is different. This is more like a roar, shriek  or such. This is tinnitus, issue affecting almost 50 million USA people.

Many of those who have this always get drugs and meds but they have no effect and have many side effects. So here are the 5 best alternative cures. Read on more.

This is defined like ringing feeling in the ears and is not from outside source. The noise most experience is like a ring and can be even cringing, hissing, whistling and such and also increases volume too.

For some people this is chronic and for some in episodes. It is most severe when there is almost complete silence in a room or when you read, or try to sleep. In rare cases, the sound is in sync with the pulse…..Readmore