A Man Cured Stage 4 Prostate Cancer And Tells Us How

Never have we thought of baking soda as a cure for cancer. Vernon Johnston used it. He mixed it with molasses to kill the cancer. The cancer was already in his bones.

His story is as such:
The sadly got a cancer diagnosis and wanted to change his pH, because the cancer dies in alkaline areas in the body. Then after few weeks, Vernon met a man, Larry, and he told him about cesium chloride that raises a pH value and makes alkalinity in the body.

Vernon wanted to try this so he made an order on internet to het cesium, and not regular meds as so far he did. But, the order got lost and he never got the cesium. He then decided for something else. Somewhere he heard of baking soda and maple syrup. But, since he had no maple at home, he used molasses instead. He was skeptic but still went on with this…..Readmore